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Ganesh Utsav Program: Kudos to all volunteers

NEMM Ganesh Utsav Program: Kudos to all volunteers

Namaskar mandali


We celebrated Ganesh Utsav with a great zeal and enthusiasm. We usually see a good turnout for Ganesh Utsav program, but we were truly delighted when more than 950 people showed up to the event. This might register as the highest attended NEMM program till date. We really want to thank the community for your tremendous support to NEMM over the years!


We were excited to celebrate Ganapati bappa’s arrival. So all the decorations were already completed by our dedicated set of volunteers a day in advance. The onsite registration process was handled very efficiently with the help from volunteers. We started the day with traditional Maharashtrian puja and chanting of shlokas. We then recited our traditional aaratis. A number of singers from the community enthusiastically participated in the celebration. The arati pdf file was readily made available via our website to the people in advance. So it made it easy for people to join the chorus!


After the aarti and prasad, it was the time for Ganpati miravnuk.

इंद्र जिमि जंभ पर ...

बाढव सुअंभ पर ...

रावन सदंभ पर ...

रघुकुलराज है !

The chant started, saffron flags came out and so did the drum roll from our traditional instruments of dhol, tasha and zaanj! The Ganpati procession started in a magical and thrilling atmosphere.



We also then had well rehearsed team of volunteers joining for rounds of lezim and procession was then in full swing! Several attendees complimented the miravnuk team and commented that they join the program just to witness this atmosphere!!!




The next segment was the entertainment program by NY based group Manasi arts. Our volunteers were again there to support the onstage, backstage and logistics. One segment of the program was actually entirely choreographed and performed by our local volunteers. The entire audience was captivated by the show performed by talented dancers and artists.


The last part of the program was dinner by Swami Narayan food. Serving 350 people full dinner takes considerable amount of time given the small size of the cafeteria. We would like to thank everyone for your patience while the dinner was getting served. Several volunteers (including kids) helped with food serving, refilling the food containers, pizza distribution, vendor table setup and tea preparation. Our hats off to the volunteers again for their timely help.

While Ganpati bappa has left us for a year, he has assured us that our community is thriving and in a great health ! If there was one event that truly brings the best of the community and volunteers, it was the program yesterday. We would like to thank each one of you for help and commitment. We are truly blessed to have a wonderful community around us. The bar has been raised and it will be upon us to raise it further!!


We will see you now during our Diwali event in November!!!


NEMM Committee


Ganesh Utsav Program: Final Reminders

NEMM Program Today: Final Reminders

Address: Littleton High School, 56 King Street, Littleton MA 01460
Time: 2 PM - 8 PM
1:30 PM: Registration starts
2 PM: Puja starts
2:30 PM: Aarati and Prasad
3 PM: Miravnuk
4 PM-7 PM (approximately): Entertainment Program : Bollywood Mirch Masala
5:20-5:40 PM (approximately): Intermission and volunteer appreciation
7 PM- 8 PM (approximately): Dinner

The registration desk opens at 1:30pm on Saturday. We are expecting huge crowd. So please plan on arriving on time so that we can finish registration process quickly.

If you received reminder to sign up for membership, please sign up online ASAP to avoid delays and hassles.

Registration band is mandatory to enter the facility.

Program starts with Ganesh Pooja around 2 PM and Arati is expected to be around 2:30 pm. You can find the arati pdf on our website.

Food update: To avoid long lines in cafeteria, dinner will be served in multiple batches. Your batch will be assigned when you pick up your dinner ticket at the registration desk based on your arrival time. So please plan accordingly.

Pizza coupons will be available for purchase at registration desk. Please plan ahead and purchase appropriate coupons for the family before the program starts. Pizza will be served to ticket holders once it arrives.

We have also arranged a couple of food vendor stalls for cash purchases. Our traditional Maharashtrian favorite Vada Paav will be back by popular demand. Also you will get a chance to try out new innovative item Chinese Dhokla. We hope these items will help satisfy your taste buds !

There would be jewelry and decorative items for sale as part of vendor stalls.

Doors for the auditorium will be open until program starts approximately around 4 P.M. After that, the doors will be closed and will be opened only upon request after a segment gets over.

No food or drinks allowed inside auditorium.

The auditorium would be filled to its fullest capacity. Please no holding of seats. Use your discretion to offer seats to the senior citizens. We would appreciate if young kids could sit in parent’s lap.

Dinner would be served after the entertainment program ends.
Please bring cash or check for food and vendor purchases onsite.

Hope you will respect our house rules and make this an enjoyable event for everybody.

Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any queries related to registration.

Ganesh Utsav Program

This year's Ganesh Utsav will feature an exciting Program from Manasi Arts - Bollywood Mirch Masala, featuring Superhit Bollywood songs, dances, skits and comedy!!!!.

As usual there will be Ganpati procession - along with dhol/tasha, Moorti Sthapana and Aarti followed with the Bollywood Mirch Masala and Dinner. It's going to be a fun and action packed event -so get ready.

Program Details and Timeline:

Date:September 17, 2016
Time: 2 PM - 8 PM
1:30 PM: Registration starts
2 PM: Puja starts
2:30 PM: Aarati and Prasad
3 PM: Miravnuk
3:45 PM: Volunteer Recognition
4 PM-7 PM (approximately): Entertainment Program : Bollywood Mirch Masala
7 PM- 8 PM (approximately): Dinner
Venue: Littleton High School, 56 King Street, Littleton MA 01460

Dinner tickets need to be purchased separately in advance. Please see the section "Ganesh Utsav Program: Food" below for further details.

Ganesh Utsav Program: Bollywood Mirch Masala

We are excited to bring to you superhit show Bollywood Mirch Masala.  We hope you ready for show off your dance moves on the popular bollywood songs just like the dancers on the stage !

The entertainment program will be in Hindi. So feel free to invite your non-Marathi friends! To avoid the auditorium capacity and safety issues, we request all the attendees to RSVP well in advance to avoid the last minute rush.

Program Details:
Date:September 17, 2016
Time:2 PM - 8 PM
Venue: Littleton High School, Littleton

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