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NEMM Diwali 2017

लक्ष्य दिव्यांचे तोरण ल्याली
आली आली दिवाळी आली..
Namaskar Mandali,
As you are gearing up for Diwali, NEMM is also busy putting together the most entertaining Diwali Celebration in the New England area.      

NEMM proudly presents: Ekankkia Mahotsav-2017

3 one act plays presented by talented local players- including young kids,
एका बॉबीची गोष्ट: Written by Shri.Vijay Tendulkar, directed by Avinash Padhye
अॅनेस्थेशिया: Written by Dr. Chandrashekhar Phansalkar, directed by Mahesh Gadgil (kalashri of Boston)
इट्स कॉम्प्लिकेटेड: Written and directed by Sudhanwa Agawekar (NEMM)
So save the date November 11th, 2017 to enjoy these entertaining plays along with Anand Mela.
 If you are interested in a vendor table please click here:

When: Saturday, Nov 11, 2017
Time:  2.30 pm - 7 pm
Where: Ashland High school


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