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Thank you NEMM Families!

Dear NEMM Families,

Thank you for your overwhelming response to NEMM Diwali 2020 event.

With a melodious start of Diwali Prabhat, followed by Sadguru Yoga workshop and must respectful "Siachen Oxygen Plant" information, the day ended with "Deep Rang" musical treat. Hope you enjoyed it!

Our president shared his thoughts with the NEMM community in a "Thank You" note and shared key contributions this committee could make for the betterment of NEMM Community.

We have seen wonderful Diwali decorations, faral (Diwali food treats) and kille (forts) made by many of our community members. Thank you those families for sharing those videos.

This NEMM committee is sincerely thankful to the great responses by our beloved NEMM community to all our efforts to make our NEMM stronger and brighter.

We feel highly privileged to receive your support and love in past two years. 

We wish The Best to next NEMM Committee and request all NEMM Families to continue extending their love and support to upcoming Committee.



NEMM Committee Year 2019-2020



Appreciation received to NEMM for "Supporting Covid-19 Fundraiser"

Namaskar Mandali,
Thank you all for supporting “NEMM - Covid-19” fundraiser. We sincerely salute your generosity towards helping the front line healthcare professionals in the New England area as well as back home in Maharashtra.
With your help and NEMM contributions we had collected total of $10,250 in two weeks. We are amazed to see support from the community and willingness to help in this critical situation.
We received following appreciations from the organization NEMM supported through this fundraiser :
Click on the Name of the Organization to see their letter of appreciation :  
Letter from UMass Memorial - Donated $3000 for PPE
Letter from Seva Sahayog Foundation – Donated $3000 for distributing food grain kits to needy families suffering from Covid - 19 situations
Lowell General – Donated $3000 for PPE and Meals
Here are some pictures which will explain more than words.
UMass Memorial Marlborough Hospital
Lowell General Hospital
Remaining collected donations were utilized locally as below
Dharma Center of America - $250
Winchester Hospital - $500
Once again, we sincerely appreciate the generous support given by our community in this difficult time and proud to be a part of the giving community.
NEMM Committee

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