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NEMM Gudhi Padva 2018

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पाडव्याच्या सणाचा अनोखा थाट,
करुनिया वंदन गुढीला चालू प्रेमाची वाट.
Namaskar Mandali,
Thank you so much for the great attendance at the Sankrant program. Spring is almost here and we are gearing up to welcome New Year with an apt spring program.
This 'Gudhi Padawa' NEMM in collaboration with BMM brings to you a stupendous exhibit of flute
'Amar Bansi'

The unique musical treat ‘Amar Bansi’ in which one gets to enjoy variety of flute flavors ranging from the Hindi and Marathi numbers to the title music of various T.V, serials. To add spice to this majestic creativity, the eminent flutist demonstrates a variety of flutes from the largest to the tiniest, teamed with a meticulous elucidation about the presence of 27 flutes in the set. A brief fusion and little of classical music in this program becomes an added attraction. This rare event is especially ornamented for the melody worshiping masses.

Amar Oak, a well-known flute player & a household name in the world of music. Carving a niche for himself steadily, he made a mark with the top professional groups in Maharashtra while being part of famous 'Sur-Taal' and the elite 'Sa Re Ga Ma Pa' presented on Zee-Marathi TV channels.



When: Saturday

Time: 3.00 pm to 7.00

Where: Ashland High School

                 65 E Union St. Ashland, MA 01721

Along with feature program we are happy to announce,
Photo booth by NEMM Kids for Kids
'NEMM Kids for kids' is a club run by kids to initiate, organize and implement fundraising activities to benefit kids in need anywhere in the world. To join the club please click HERE.
Cupcake decorating workshop for kids
Perfect for children of age 5 yrs and above. Kids will decorate and take home cupcakes with homemade frosting. We'll demonstrate different decorating ideas and we will provide cupcakes, icing, and decorations. Bring in your kids to this fun and deliciously yummy activity.
Tantalizing snack sold by local vendors
Vendors please register here
And this is NEMM's 40th anniversary year so we are going to make it special one with some celebration and some sweets from India...


2018 Programs Calendar

Thank yo so much for attending 2017 programs with a great enthusiasm!

Your attendance encourages us to bring you more and more unique yet exciting programs. We really want all of you to attend every NEMM program next year too! That is why we are very happy to share the program calendar for the full year so that we can plan ahead!!!










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