NEMM Sole Buddies


NEMM Sole Buddies – get ready!

As announced at our Sankrant event last month, we are excited to launch NEMM Sole Buddies for those interested in participating in group fitness initiatives with fellow NEMM members. The idea is we collectively sign-up for an event/cause as ‘Team NEMM’ and accomplish our fitness goals by teaming up with our friends, neighbors, and members of NEMM community. The first such event is ‘Against the Tide’ on Saturday, June 17 at Hopkinton State Park. Our goal is not only to promote fitness and sports but rather together as a team motivate and be motivated, have fun, share stories and then get closer to our goals individually as well as a team. You can be a beginner just getting more active or a marathon runner willing to inspire and lead a group - everyone is welcome!


How to participate in the 2017 kick-off race:

  • First, go to the link and register for 'Against the Tide' event in Hopkinton on Saturday, June 17, 2017. This is our kick-off event. It consists of walk/run, swim and kayak options and you can choose multiple

       Just make sure you register as team NEMM: 

  • The cause is Breast cancer awareness and education and you can donate in addition while registering (if you want) to the 'FirstGiving' organization

  • The event welcomes all experience levels and also kids over a certain age, you can find all the details here: 

  • Manjiri Sane is the overall team captain and will get a list of all registrants, you can also reach her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in case you have questions. Once you have registered you will be on the e-mail list for information about running tips, running apps, group runs, buying your first pair of running shoes, strength/weight training etc.

  • The team will train for a 10K race and the training will begin March 19 through June 3, with group runs on Sunday mornings. You do not have to train for or run 10K, you can come there and train for shorter distance - e.g. 5K

  • You can do smaller breakout walks/runs/swims during the week

  • We have many NEMM members who are marathon runners and will likely be your local team captains for motivation :)


Together let’s build a stronger and healthier community!!