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 NEMM committee brings two types of programs during the year.

Regular - Performed by local NEMM artists and/or local artists within the USA. This program is free for all NEMM members.

Premium - Performed by artists coming from outside of the United States.

NEMM Committee hasn't increased its yearly membership fees for last 10 years. Premium
 programs do have additional costs such as visa processing, artists travel & accommodation, artist's remuneration, stage set up etc. All these costs are creeping up year over year. NEMM Committee tries to cover these costs via membership fees, vendor sponsorship and event specific income. However, in most Premium programs, our event costs surpasses the income. In order to bridge this gap we offer event tickets to NEMM members at a discounted price based on their seating preference.

The number of premium programs will be decided by, the current committee, based on member interest, fundraiser needs or competition faced by NEMM during that fiscal year.

NEMM encourages members to participate in cultural performances as and when possible. If they are participating in programs coming from India, they are expected to be currently active NEMM members and must purchase discounted program tickets

Refund Policy – NEMM will not refund membership fees or program tickets.


·You can start the membership from any day and is valid for one year from the date of membership purchase.

·Please include your name, phone number, mailing address, email address and names of family members in your membership application.

·Family refers to legally married couple and their children. Visiting parents are considered as non-members.